Our partner manufactories in Nepal were founded by Tibetan families, who brought their ancestral rug traditions to Kathmandu and recreated them with great care and love for materials and craftsmanship. Each rug becomes a very emotional story, which we would like to pass on to you. 
The artisans' many years of experience in the raw material handling and their careful work in the meticulous manufacturing steps - from carding and spinning to dyeing and knotting - preserve the naturalness of yarns and create their special lively character, resulting in true, unique masterpieces for you.

Masterly manual work with love and care.


Nature produces the most wonderful fibers to turn into yarns which create a vivid structure and appearance. We select materials of highest quality, such as wool from the Himalayas, finest silk from China and selected linen from India. Through this choice our rugs get an excellent longevity and value retention.
Our colours are based either on natural dyes, as used in our Bold Geometry and Bliss collections, made from plants and minerals, and mixed by colour masters according to traditional recipes, or are made from certified Swiss-made dyes.

Natural materials of highest qualities.

Natural Dyes

Indigo, madder, walnut, sikkim rhubarb, terminalia and lac are just some of the distinctive natural ingredients used to create the beautiful dyes for our Bold Geometry and Bliss rugs. They are carefully sourced in Nepal and neighbouring countries and mixed by the dye-masters into blends from ancient times. Family traditions, passed from generation to generation, preserved the old secrets to give us the splendor of extraordinary colours of our rugs. 

Natural ingredients are mixed into evocative dyes.


Our yarns are natural and from renewable sources. All materials are gently treated and processed further with love and care.
We bring sustainability to its next level. For our Among the Waves and Unique collections we use yarn leftovers of previous productions. No new virgin raw materials are needed in this case, and the manufactories use their resources much better. For our Unique collection we over-dye the leftovers to achieve new colour effects and surprising details.

Leftovers of various yarn materials before over-dyeing.

Fair Trade

We are proud members of Label STEP, the Swiss fair trade organisation which regularly checks our partner manufactories and ensures compliance with working and social standards, like no child labour. The payment of fair wages and additional social protection in Nepal gives workers' families a better future, their children can go to school. Every carpet commissioned by you creates several months of fair work and ethical pay.

Controlled labour standards compliance in manufactories.