Studio5 Design

The characteristic work of designer Irène Münger reflects her true passion for rugs and their exceptional craftsmanship. Her style is inspired by nature's dynamic colours and organic shapes translated into distinctive creations of instinctive beauty.

Bold Geometrics

The distinctive geometric designs, combined with the highest quality craftmanship from the Himalayas, create a dynamic, magic “Gestalt” inside a room.

Natural colour shades allow a harmonious integration into authentic interiors.

Various pile heights pronounce the lines, shapes and colours to form an intense impression, enhanced by the colour depth of natural dyes and the smoothness of the yarns.

The rugs are made from silk and linen, dyed with natural colours from plants and minerals, blended by Tibetan artisans and traditional methods.

Bold Geometrics 1

Bold Geometrics 2

Bold Geometrics 3


The soothing monochromes of selected silk and linen are our continuous element. The raw materials are dyed with natural colours, blended by Tibetan artisans and traditional methods.
This composition gives a sensual touch, incredible colour depths and intense light reflections due to the specific cut of the Tibetan knot. 

Bliss Storm Grey with fringes Golden Mimosa

Bliss Basalt with Loop Border

Bliss comes in 16 contemporary and timeless colours

Bliss variants: Bliss, Bliss with Loop Border, Bliss with Fringes

Bliss variants: Bliss, Bliss with Loop Border, Bliss with Fringes

Among the Waves

The sea, which at the same time radiates indescribable power and deep silence, serves as inspiration for this collection. Bringing the dynamics and tension of nature through a carpet into the room was the basic idea. 

Among the Waves rugs are made of Tibetan wool and Chinese silk.
They are available in various colour shades, please see Downloads for each design.

Wave 1 Night Grey

Wave 2 Blue

Wave 2 Aqua

Wave 3 Deep Sea


The innovative design concept based on over-dyed yarn leftovers from the manufactories turns each rug via the unpredictability of colour results into a unique masterpiece.
Unique is the perfect combination of surprising creativity and particularly sustainable production.

Unique rugs are made of various materials, as found in the leftovers of manufactories, mainly Tibetan wool, Chinese silk, linen and nettle.
They are available in various base shades, now Indigo and Purpur, and more to come.

Unique Indigo

Unique Purpur