Where to see

You can buy your rug directly from us. We come to your home and show our rugs and samples in the context of your furnishings. This gives you the best impression of your future living experience. You are also welcome to our showroom near Bern / Switzerland. Write us or call directly!

Many of you choose to get your living space designed by an interior designer. We are happy to contact or visit him, and send our samples so that he can advise you perfectly for your furnishing concept.

We look forward to welcoming you to various exhibitions throughout the year, where you can see and feel our rugs and designs. 

Next event:
March 11th until April 10th 2021: Jelmoli in Zurich, together with ModeSuisse


After selecting the design and color shade from your preferred collection, you will also specify the individual measurements. Each rug is handmade for you, you get your tailor-made unique masterpiece. 


Due to the individual production in Nepal, there are several months of lead time before delivery. Depending on size and design it takes 10-14 weeks.
We always have some rugs in stock for immediate delivery. Whenever possible, we will deliver the rug personally to your home.


Our prices are based on the high-quality natural materials, the individual craftsmanship and the fair wages paid in our partner factories in Nepal. 
The prices/m² are calculated according to the chosen design and materials, in a range from 990,- to 1.695,-/m², in CHF in Switzerland and in € in other countries. 
Please ask us for your personal commission and estimate!

Interior Designers

As an interior designer, you are constantly looking for new and small labels that can help shaping the important design themes of our time and make your concepts even more individual, sustainable and successful.
We have a relevant and competent offer for high-quality residential projects, as well as for those with individual requirements in the commercial sector. For the latter, we would like to cooperate with you on individual, specific design solutions in collaboration with the overall design concept. Give us a call! We will visit you or send you our offers and samples.